Azorea, The Final Hope

Azorea, The Final Hope
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Series: Azorea Trilogy, Book 1
Genre: Azorea Book Series
Tag: Volume 1
Publisher: Jacob Literary
Publication Year: 2009
Format: Paperback, Kindle
Length: 460 pgs
Illustrator: Robert Jacob
ISBN: 9781449505868

Azorea, The Final Hope - When an alien race, Identical to humans in every way, becomes marooned on planet earth in 16th century Scotland, it becomes a life and death struggle for Griegor, the leader of the Azoreans, to prevent an evil faction of his society from destroying the native highlanders and their peaceful way of life. This story tells of two brothers from another world, one the leader of their race and the other a maniacal terrorist bent on their destruction.   Both, because of the final demise of their planet, are forced to flee, ultimately becoming marooned on planet earth in 16th century Scotland. Griegor and the Azoreans attempt to destroy this evil faction before they can influence the local highlanders. Unfortunately, Cormack, the leader of the radical faction, is successful in embroiling the highlanders in his plot to rule this new world.  Now, with the local inhabitants mixing with Cormack and his followers, it becomes impossible to differentiate between the highlanders and Cormack’s people. Griegor devises an ingenious device that will help them do just that. They resolve to use this new weapon to eradicate Cormack and bring peace again to the Celtic region.


Azorea, The Final Hope is the brain child of Robert E. Jacob.  It all came about because of his incessant curiosity.  In his own words, "One day I was driving home after having played my bagpipes at a local cemetery for practice time when a curious thought struck me.  I was contemplating the horrific atrocities committed in the medieval ages and wondered, What if all that torture, mayhem and violence was due to an alien race of people?  Well one thing led to another and before I knew it, I had the outline for my trilogy on paper. "


Now you can have this thrilling adventure in your own home.  Get it today.  The second book in the trilogy will be released March of 2020.  Slainte.

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About the Book

Azorea the final hopeThis is the first book in the Azorea Series. It was written in 2009 and the second book in the series is currently underway. It recounts the struggles of an alien civilization forced to flee their own world due to its impending destruction. Their vessels are crippled by the planet’s final explosion and they are sent hurling through space with no way to navigate. They become marooned on planet earth in the 16th century. Two factions of their society continue to wage a war that began on their home planet with the unwitting highlanders caught in the middle. This book explores the fanciful idea that perhaps the cruelty and barbarism of the dark ages in britain was the result of an alien civilization. It intertwines actual locations, facts and stories of historic Scotland in its tale.

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